Gregory Kushmerek


An old fortification left alone

Sunset Journey

The sun's reflection on an Amtrak train at sunset.

Finite Spiral

Peeking down the stairs at The Monument in London

The Leadenhall Market at Night

An institution in the City of London


Dewdrops on a weed

Asakusa Gate At Night

At the Gate in the evening

Tokyo Tower under the Sun

Looking up Tokyo Tower from its base under a partially covered sun.

The Tower behind the Temple

At the Zojo-Ji temple looking towards Tokyo Tower at sunset.

Streetlamp A31278

A weathered stone streetlamp on a common city street in Aguascalientes, Mexico

On the Steps of Saint Paul's Cathedral

Night shot on the granite steps at the front of Saint Paul's Cathedral

San Francisco from the Bay

Time lapse photo of the San Francisco skyline

Eternal Bloom

Closeup of an architectural flourish on a temple in Kyoto

Perspectives in Contrast

Cityscape from the perspective of a building in downtown

Shutters in Rome

Roman Windows

Boston at Night from the Courthouse

Looking towards Rowes Wharf in Boston late into twilight on a summer evening

Tiananmen at Night

An evening scene in Beijing

City View

Boston city skyline in black and white (infrared) in Autumn