Gregory Kushmerek

Trees on the Hill

Looking up the hill and across a field in early morning light in New England

Prisms and Pylons

Sunshine artifacts on a 20mm lens taken on an infrared camera body

Looking North, Up the Tracks

The view down the tracks on a late summer day in Northern California

The Glowing Fronds

Palm tree leaves in IR/Black & White

In the Gingerbread Forest

Nearing treeline in the Appalachian mountains in winter

Rowboats by the Pond

Beached rowboats laid up for winter

Along the coast on a cloudy day

A long exposure picture as waves move into the shoreline during summer


Scituate light on a cloudy afternoon in winter

The Ruined Dock

An aged, abused, and abandoned dock left to sit on shore

Overhead at the British Museum

The atrium reception hall at the entrance to the British Museum. Tilt-shifted.

A Bend of Will

The steel span of a tower in late afternoon (Tokyo Tower).

Wishes at the Shrine

Messages written on wood and left at a shrine

Air Cooled

Propellers on an old US Air Force bomber

By the old canal

A stone bridge crosses over an ancient canal in central Massachusetts

Wisps Over the Graveyard

Wispy cirrus clouds cover the sky over an old graveyard

At the Salmon Run in the Berkshires

Daylight shot in infrared by the salmon run at a local waterfall in the Berkshires of Massachusetts